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About Different Places in Runescape

We suggest two different places for you to check out in Runescape(runescape gold). Our favorite is Ape Atoll. There is a lone Mahogany tree on the far SW side of that Island that has some massive tracks of free space to burn. There are also a cluster of 3 Teaks on the SE side that has one or two tracks to burn on. You can also break up the monotony with a little Agil training if you can access the Ape Atoll course. Training these skills together can help you stay motivated in both. You will need a Greegree for this to work, so you must have at least started Monkey Madness. And you will need a knife as well if you plan on Agil Training.

Following that, the Tai Bwo Wannai Village has a nice mix of Teak and Mahogany and you can burn most of a load in two tracks against the east fence. At least you will only have to pay the 100 Trading sticks once. Know that cutting and giving away Teaks is the absolute fastest WC Xp in the game(runescape gold). You will often be able to find a WC'er who will give you all the Teaks you can burn by searching the forums. Thanks to the trade limit you may actually have to pay some for this privilege if you wish to continually burn, but we doubt the WC'er will mind!

And many others. Note that many like to buy Eucalyptus for burning as they are worth nearly as much as Yews for cheaper. While this is very fast Xp to buy and burn, we have tested cutting and burning at all levels and Eucalyptus does not come close to Teak or Mahogany. rs gold, they are pretty good WC Xp and cash if you wish to sell to other Firemakers.

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