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Fast 1-99 Thieving Guide in Runescape

Dear friends, nice to see you. Our aim is to make you happy with a more excited life in the Runescape. By the way, we have collected the mainly information on other site. This is my very quick guide to 1-99 thieving with a month! (This is about 3-5 hours of gameplay a day AT LEAST)

Level(Runescape Gold) 1-5 pickpocket men or women in Lumbridge (found all over RS). Level 5-25 cake stalls or tea stalls (ardy for cake, tea for varrock). Level 25-38 pickpocket warrior women Ardy aswell. Level 38-45 pickpocket master farmers (Draynor pigpen, Ardy)

Level 45-65 Blackjack and ko bandits (Maple blackjack) In Pollnivneach (KO, and pickpocket TWO times) (Need to complete the Feud quest). Level 65-81 Blackjack and ko menaphite thugs (Maple blackjack) In Pollnivneach (KO, and pickpocket TWO times) (Need to complete the Feud quest). Level 81-99 Pyramid plunder, Or you can do 38-40 master farmers, 40-55 guards, and 55-81 knights in ardy. It makes more Cash.

Thieving is quicker than it seems, and it's a great skill! You should try it. Blackjacking - more in depth. All you need is a maple blackjack, and get about 1k noted food. (use cheap food) it's for when your hp gets low and you sell the noted food to the general store and rebuy it.

What you do for blackjacking is knockout a menaphite or bandit one time, and pickpocket them two times. It's a hard concept but you'll get it! Make sure to have your opponent in a closed building, preferably a room with a ladder.

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