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Keldagrim - above the bar

Another small part of RuneScape is Brewing ales and ciders, just like Gnome Cooking. Here is a basic guide for brewing in Runescape. Just go through and have fun in the game!

You'll need to know where to make your own brews. There are 2 Breweries, and they can be found in:

Keldagrim - above the bar.
Port Phasmatys - below the inn.
Note: The Port Phasmatys Vat seems to take longer to brew ales than the one in Keldagrim.

Now you need to find out which ales you can make. To do this, just click on the cooking icon in your stats menu and select the "runescape gold" tab.

1. Brewing Ales

Fill the Vat in a Brewery with 2 buckets of water.
Put 2 handfuls of Barley Malts (cook a Barley on a Range) in the Vat(rs gold).
Place your main ingredient in the Vat.
Pour a potfull of Ale Yeast into the Vat.
Note: You can add The Stuff into the vat after the Barley Malt to increase the chance of your ale being mature. This can be obtained As a prize from the Trouble Brewing minigame.

In Port Phasmatys, the Ale Yeast will cost 5 Ectotokens per pot. In Keldagrim, it will cost you 25gp. To get the Ale Yeast, bring a pot and the payment to either of the guides in the Breweries (Blandebir in Keldagrim and Metarialus in Port Phasmatys) and ask if they have any spare Ale Yeast.You can buy runescape.

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