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Hello everyone,let's go on reading:



Level 40-55: The best thing to train on now is hill giants (level 28). They have 35 hit-points and they drop decent items. I would recommend when you get a full inventory, you can go to G.E. and sell them. The area is especially crowded in free to play worlds, but if you are a member then you have a huge advantage because there are barely anyone there training. (runescape gold)

Amour: When you reach level 50 you can switch to blue d'hide amour if you are a member. If you are free to play then you can only stick to green d'hide amour. Also, if you are a member you can get archer's helm (after Fremennik Trials Quest) at level 45 range, but you need 45 defense too.

Bow: When you get level 50 range you can switch your bow to magic short bow or longbow.

Arrows: Iron arrows is still preferred here(rs gold).



Level 55-60: This is where it becomes members only, sorry free to play characters! The best place to train at is on Ogres. They will do some damage if you have a low defense level so I would recommend you bring some food there.

Amour: Same as level 40-55.

Bow: Same as level 40-55.

Arrows: Same as previous levels.(Runescape Powerleveling)You can buy runescape.



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