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Level Cap Guide in Runescape

We believe the combat cap needs to be rised, along with the HP(Runescape Money) cap. It shouldn't be possible to 1 spec someone. All jagex does is continually come out with stronger and stronger gear that just keeps giving more strength bonuses.

It's even gone to the point where the have to limit certain items from being used in pvp(extreme potions & runescape gold). That's ridiculous. If they make an item let it be used everywhere. If the caps where raised to 150 or so, then this would be no problem. They could keep releasing stronger armor and people could have things to do so they're not stuck training boring skill if they don't want to.

What's going to happen when jagex releasing the new level 80 armor coming up sometime in Runescape? Of course it's going to give lots of strength bonus(rs gold), or everyone will just stick to using bandos. They probably will block its use in pvp.

They're basically at the point that more content they release will have to be limited to pvm. Unlike other games where tons of armor of the same defense is released, Jagex has to keep releasing more and more powerful content, and it's at the point where they are limiting the use in pvp. We are very supprised they even allowed turmoil and the other new prayers to be used in pvp and not the new potions. Buy Runescape powerleveling will make the game more interesting.You can buy runescape.


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