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Level guide

Level 20-30: The best place to train range right now is on minotaurs (level 12) at level one in the barbarian outpost. They have only ten hit-points but they can do some damage if you are a pure. Hide behind the little fence in the area so they can't attack you. Pick up the iron arrows they drop so you can save money on buying arrows.


Amour: The best amour now is studded leather body, chaps, and still leather vambraces. I would recommend you upgrade your amour. They aren't that expensive.


Bow: Now you can use a willow short bow or longbow. I would recommend you upgrade your bow to this because it gives more range bonus(runescape gold).


Arrows: Iron arrows would be preferred now but if you want to save money still then go with bronze arrows.



Level 30-40: The best place to train at is the level one barbarian outpost on minotaurs (rs gold). They are a bit more aggressive than level 12's. They pretty much drop about the same things as level 12's do. (Runescape Powerleveling)

Amour: Same as levels 20-30.


Bow: Now you can use a maple short bow or longbow, the best free to play bow that you can get. I would really recommend you upgrade.


Arrows: Iron arrows is still preferred when you are training on minotaurs, plus they drop iron arrows when you kill them.You can buy runescape.


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