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New desert quests, warped floors and more in packed November update

A major update has been announced for the fantasy-themed browser game Runescape. The update contains brand new quests, 13 mysterious 'warped floors' as well as an exciting unexplored area that combines Hunter, Herblore and Farming.

RuneScape The update includes the biggest high-level skill update ever to be released in browser game Runescape Gold. For dungeoneers of level 95 and above there will be 13 new graphically enhanced warped floors available for conquering, containing more powerful boss monsters, higher rewards and an increased danger. Brave the new warped floors and reap the benefits. Additional primal, celestial and sagittarian gear will be released, and is the final batch of the tier-11 equipment.

Wander to the mystical world south of the Jade Vine and be trained in Farming, Hunter and Herblore with the infamous ex-witch doctor Papa Mambo. Papa Mambo will teach you how to grow plants to attract creatures, hunt creatures in order to obtain potion ingredients, and concoct potions to improve your plant-growing skills. However, only players of a certain skill level will be able to participate in the intricate training. As part of the new game update you can embark on a new desert quest that may help to uncover some of the mysteries of the plagues, sandstorms and schemes of the Devourer.

Runescape Gold is a free-to-play browser game in which you explore endless fantasy worlds and realms as a brave hero. The browser-based game is published by Jagex Limited, the company that recently won UK Developer of the year at the Golden Joystick Awards in London, England.

As you roam the world of Runescape you engage in combat against fierce boss monsters and enemies, discover various potions and the power of magic, and learn a variety of trade and crafting skills.

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