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Other Threads In Runescape

Hello guys, welcome to Mmook! There is other threads in Runescape that came from other site, hope you like it. Here we go:

All Terrain Agility Team - Once just limited to Ape Atoll, now all courses in Runescape. If you're training, do it with these guys. QFC: 96-97390 59074028.

Firemaking Guide - A brilliant(Runescape Gold) firemaking guide which dispells the myth that it's just click and burn. QFC: 98-99-60-57515262.

Mega Runecrafting Guide - The runecrafting guide(Runescape Money). If you haven't read it, you know almost nothing about runecraft. QFC: 98-99-49-56533177.

Mega Slayer Guide - From the same person who brought you the runecrafting guide, this is all you need to know about slayer. Literally all. QFC: 98-99-51-57359284.

Also, a big thank you to The1general who supplied quite a lot of information about courses. And secure Runescape powerleveling service is faster for your character. The Basics:

Agility is the measurement of how agile and fit a players character is. It has many uses, the main one being the higher a person's agility level, the quicker they regain energy. In real life terms it makes little sense really, a character can run around with heavy platemail for 10 hours a day and not get any fitter. Another character could walk over a log once in a while and regain his energy faster because of it. Nevertheless, it's a very useful skill to have as it opens up many doorways:

a>. Faster energy regain.
b>. Shortcuts around the world to speed up training.
c>. Access to new areas that Saradomin GWD area being a good example.
d>. Crystal bow and shield.
e>. Some quests and the quest cape.
f>. Some minigames that Rogues den, agility arena, etc.
g>. Races! If you've never raced a friend around Runescape, try it! It's fun.

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