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RuneScape Fishing Guide

We will introduce a fishing guide for players. Fishing is one of the most relaxing and enjoyable skills in RuneScape. For one, it allows you to multitask, which is always a good thing. This guide will include many tips about fishing and how to level up, as well as some interesting facts. I'll try my best to make it short and sweet, with the information still there.

Non-Members Levelling Up

1 - 20: To start fishing I suggest fishing shrimp at Draynor Village or Al Kharid and banking them. Once your fishing level is 5 you may want to start fishing sardines, but you are more than welcome to continue with shrimps. You can also try fishing for herring at level 10, but it's quicker and cheaper to continue fishing shrimps until level 20. At level 15 fishing you will be able to catch anchovies as well as shrimps! This means even more fishing XP! Fish anything that I've suggested above until you reach level 20 fishing.

20 - 40: Now that your level 20 fishing I suggest to go grab your fly fishing rod and some feathers and start fishing trout at the river in Lumbridge or at Barbarian Village (I suggest Lumbridge as you can sell your food to the general shop/cook it in the Castle and bank it) Once your level 30 you will catch a mixture of trout and salmon,runescape gold which is great news! Continue fly fishing until you reach level 40. If you want you can start fishing tuna at level 35 fishing. You can fish them on the dock at Karamja with a harpoon.

40 - 50: Now its time for lobby fishing! Grab a lobster pot and head to Karamja by taking the ship from Port Sarim which costs 30gp. Either drop your lobsters, or go back to Draynor Village to bank them. You could even cook them on a fire sell them to the local shop if you really want to make some money. Lobsters will be quite slow at level 40, so if you want fast XP you can go back to fly fishing.

50 - 99: Swordfish is the highest fish you can fish for non-members! So if you want to make more money with fishing then I suggest getting a harpoon and start fishing swordfish! If you want to advance your levels in fishing quickly, then I suggest going back fly fishing. You will need to fish 143,702 lobsters for 99 fishing and runescape gold you will make around 30M! If your fly fishing to 99 fishing you will need to fish a minimum of 258,662 trout's and you can make around 13M!

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