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Runescape fletching guide

This is a simple Runescape guide about fletching. If you're interested in it,just read up.

Level 1-5
Buy or cut yourself some regular logs and get a knife and make arrow shafts. Sell these in the Grand Exchange.

Level 5-10
At level 5, you can make longbows. Get yourself some logs and your knife and use the knife on the logs. Select "Shortbow" and right-click make all. Do shortbows until level 10.

Level 10-20
Get more regular logs and fletch them into longbows. Don't string any of your bows yet, you lose unnecessary cash doing that.

Level 20-25
All right! Oak shortbows! Buy your logs in the grand exchange, unless you are an inexperienced woodcutter looking for experience. Don't string these either, either sell to the grand exchange (not likely) or sell to a charter ship.

Level 25-35
Oak longbows. There's not much more I can say, except don't string them.

Level 35-40
Willow shortbows. Cutting your own willows is okay woodcutting exp, if you cut at Barbarian Outpost (mentioned later in mini-games section). But then again, they are very cheap in the grand exchange. You decide, but don't string your bows yet. You still can't fletch bows worth stringing.

Level 40-50
Willow longbows. Here's a little tip for anything you're doing that requires a bank. (continued on next post)

You go to a bank chest (most accessible is probably Castle Wars, also mentioned in mini-games) and since it is a 1-click bank, that saves a few seconds every load. Lumbridge bank chest (in the basement if you did part of Recipe for Disaster) is another bank chest.

Level 50-53
Maple shortbows. Again, not much to say. You must sell these to charter ships. If you want, you can keep them for junk trades.

Level 53-70/85
At level 53 Fletching, you can make mithril bolts. If you can buy enough of them in bulk (search Grand Exchange for "mithril bolts (unf)", it IS possible to get up to 200k experience per hour!! Yes, I have achieved this before. Simply buy them unfeathered (or does unf stand for unfinished) and buy just as many feathers (any color, preferably regular, white because you can only buy 100 per 4 hours of colored feathers). Use your feathers on your unfinished bolts, or vice versa. It makes sense to have them next to each other in your inventory. Sell the finished bolts in the grand exchange for mid price. This method of mithril bolts is one of the best ways to train fletching because of how cheap it is, while being able to buy in quantities of 10k while you wait for some yew or magic bows to sell. You could even do mithril bolts up to level 99.

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