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Runescape Guide for Bosses

Gluttonous Behemoth

Uses a combination of ranged, magic and melee attacks in Runescape. It has the ability to eat from the carcasses in the room. If you're in a single player dungeon, there will be one carcass, while in a team dungeon there will be two. Stand between the Behemoth and the carcasses to prevent it from eating and healing. If you're in a team dungeon, and the other members leave, leaving you alone, it is impossible to beat the behemoth as it will always heal from one of the carcasses. Although it constantly heals, it can not be used for combat training as the experience given when fighting it is lower than usual.

1 Astea Frostweb

Uses magic based attack and will occasionally freeze you, preventing you from moving. Also summons ice spiders, which use melee based attacks. She alternates between being fully protected from melee, ranged and magic every 20 seconds. When she is protected from the attack style you use, you can switch to a different attack style or kill the spiders. Protect from magic is effective against her, but she will summon more spiders if you use it. We provide runescape gold for you.

1 Icy Bones

Uses ranged and melee attacks. His special attack will cause ice stalagmites to rise from the ground, harming anyone who does not stand immediately next to him. Therefore, it is advised, even for rangers and mages, to stand just next to him to avoid getting hit too much by the stalagmites. Using protect from melee prayer will help in this fight. We provide Runescape powerleveling for you.

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