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Runescape : Guide to gold making

Guys ,welcome to Mmook, hope you can enjoy Runescape a whole lot better .

1.Woodcutting -- Yews are a good idea, but try find a small world and beware, do not go into edgeville to woodcut, either falador south or varrock palace is good idea .

2.Mining -- Mining coals is the best you can get out of mining. They are fast and easy and are really easy to sell. I recommend mining guild for doing coals.

3.Cooking -- Cooking can lose you money if you do not be careful. You won`t gain any money unless you have i would say about 66+ cooking. When you do have about 66+ cooking, i recommend you to cook lobsters.

4.Fishing -- Fishing is a definant gain whether your fishing is high or low. However, i recommend you to be 50+ in fishing and member if you don`t like walking. If you don't mind some walk, when you reach 50+ fishing, go karamja and start fishing lobsters.

5.Prayer -- You do not gain money by prayer. However, you can sell dragon bones which is members for quite some money .

6.Firemaking -- You donot gain money with this skill.

7.Crafting -- It is hard to gain with this skill, but i will explain the way anyway. Unless your crafting is 50+ but recommended 70+ you cannot gain.

8.Fletching -- This skill used and i repeat used to be the best money gainer. However, it is not anymore. Unless you are 70+ in fletching you cannot gain.

9.Runecrafting -- This skill is a good skill for money if you are member. If you are a member, you get your runecrafting to 44 and then get the puches which allows you to carry more essences.

10.Smithing -- Unless you mine yourself and smith them, you cannot gain.

Gook luck and have fun .

I really hope you like it .

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