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Runescape: Prestige and XP Calculation

You get dungeoneering XP after you beat the boss and exit through the ladder. There will be a summary screen which will show you how much XP you earned in that dungeon. The total XP you earn will be the final XP calculated after adding percentages to the base XP. You will also get one token for every 10 XP you get, which can be used to buy dungeoneering rewards in game(runescape gold). The number of tokens you get is always rounded down, so if you get 19 XP, then you will only get 1 token.

Base XP

Your base XP is calculated as the average of two values(runescape gold), the floor XP and prestige XP in Runescape. Both are calculated using the same formula. For example, if you are on floor 6 with prestige 6, both numbers will be identical. The following values affect your base XP:

Floor/prestige number. This is the most important factor.
Percentage of visited rooms: fewer visited rooms will gives a lower base XP.
Complexity level - a lower complexity level(Runescape powerleveling) gives lower base XP(rs gold).

How to get prestige

Prestige in a nutshell: Getting prestige is crucial to maximize the XP you gain. This prestige bonus is based on how many different floors you have completed before. You only get prestige if you haven't completed the floor before. You will get 0 prestige XP if you have already completed the floor. Once you have completed every floor you can access, use the "reset" option on the ring and all floors will be set to "undone" and you will be able to start again from floor 1, maintaining your prestige.You can buy runescape.


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