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Runescape Pursuit List

1. Whenever you go into a pk server always make sure you only have items that you wouldn't be sad to lose.

2. don't be afraid to run if your about to die, the other player mite call you a noob and be mad but that's only because he didn't get your items and making that player shut up is not worth losing valuable pk gear.

3.never forget to bring enough food to last you a couple fights (remember that bringing extras only means your more likely to live.)(runescape gold)

4.since there are level caps on who you can hit its best to not level up skills that you wont use (like a wizard leveling up attack) however making a pure isn't always the best way to go experiment with it some and see which skills you like the most

5 .the drops at higher levels are better than lower ones so you may wish to get to a higher level when you go out to kill people

6. its also a good idea to charge up ep before going to kill people, you may also want to kill a higher level rather than a lower level if your feeling up to the challenge and succeed then you ll get better drops.

7. its a pk world trust as few people as possible they are there for items and they don't care who they get them from, and if your an easy target they will attack

8.prayer is one of your best Friends on pk server wether your making a hasty retreat or your attacking someone who didn't expect it you should always use prayer.You can buy runescape.

9.Armour is another important thing when in fights without you can hardly take a hit with the right kind and lots of food you re barley invincible. its best not to go all out on your Armour because you are in a place where everyone wants your money and will kill for it however you can find some decent qaulity stuff for low prices like adamant leather Green dragon hides.

10. stick in groups there's power in numbers so stick with people you trust and you can seriously hurt people and take their money(rs gold)


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