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RuneScape PVP Review 1

Runescape is pretty much an obligatory game for anyone venturing the MMORPG universe. There are plenty of people who have started from Runescape and then expanded their horizons to many other MMORPGs. Those people, however, usually never come back as they compare their current MMORPG to Runescape and laugh at how “simple” or “basic” it used to be. One thing many people fail to realize is that Runescape ages wonderfully. The Jagex team is constantly working to bring their players new and exciting updates and new players are always joining. This means that if you leave for three years and come back, you're going to be overwhelmed at how much they have added, as well as how much the community has changed. My position was just that; a Runescape veteran coming back after an immense amount of time to find that the game has been completely renovated. That 5.80 dollars I payed for certainly took me for a ride to the past.

In the olden days of Runescape Gold, there were times when I used to chat over the phone with my friend as we ganged up on people and such. Well apparently, all of that has changed. Runescape's PvP system has changed greatly over the years in more ways than one. While that may be true, it is merely all in the past, and I am sure people are wondering about the current state of Runescape PvP. Well fear not, for I have spent a great amount of time exploring the newfound PvP system.

Firstly, the old wilderness system still remains with some minor changes. These are oh-so slight and such, like having to cross a “Wilderness ditch”. Combat levels still apply somewhat, however, you will quickly come to find that it is completely devoid of life. Perhaps there were some brave souls that actually did still PvP in the wilderness before the latest PvP update, however, as far as I could see, it was empty. Instead, everyone is now playing on the “PvP worlds” which is the latest and greatest PvP update that Jagex could come up with, in my opinion.

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