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Runescape Requirement

Barrel puzzle
Required Skills in Runescape: Construction, Strength.
Required Items: Hammer, Barrel bits (found on the ground)
The aim in this room is to fill the barrel with enough water to push down the pressure tile, unlocking the doors. Move the barrels to get to the barrel bit on the floor and then return to the broken barrel to fix it. Once fixed, push the barrel to the pipe where the water is running. Once the barrel is full, push it on to the pressure tile. Tip: Have one person on each side of the barrel, allowing the barrel to be pushed faster when the pipe changes(runescape gold).

Sleeping guards
Required Skills: Agility.

The aim in this room is to steal the guards' keys and use them to unlock the door. The room is littered with trash and to avoid waking the guards up you have to walk over it instead of running. If the guards wake up, try to run back out of the room as fast as possible to avoid getting trapped. Then kill the guards for the keys. We provide Runescape powerleveling for you(rs gold).

Mining room
Required skills: Mining, Construction Required items(runescape money): Pickaxe, Hammer.

Mine through the rubble to get to the next room. However to ensure that rubble doesn't keep falling from the ceiling, repair the support pillars on the sides of the path. Falling rubble can cause very high damage so be sure to have food available.You can buy runescape.


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