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RuneScape Review: A Look Into RuneScape 1

By Jason Gallienne (Jrgsubzero), Onrpg writer

Many different thoughts come up when the word 'RuneScape' is spoken. Well, I'm here to share my thought on this game and try to give an unbiased review as well a deep look into this world.


First, let's talk about the most discussed subject about the game. That's right, the graphics. While the graphics are nothing compared to today's high detailed monsters, RuneScape Gold continues to hold its charm and style even though it had its graphics overhaul last November .

The graphics have undergone many of these overhauls and Jagex continues to make small changes to them as the days go by. The most recent minor change was done on April 1st to an NPC named King Vargas.

The game also has very low system requirements and no download is required, so you may run this game from any computer that has internet.

The animations, while not the best, get the job done. Some might be clunky looking (chopping wood for example) but some of the special attack animations are impressive.


The sound effects in this game aren't the most realistic. The combat twangs and clanks sound alright but when something gets hurt or is dying it can sound pretty weird. The life skill sounds hit the mark most of the time. I personally really like the sound when you mine ore.

The music is wonderful. The tracks convey emotions with what seems to be simple melodies. It's not an over-the-top orchestra but it has that old-school feel that some might appreciate. As you go places you unlock the tracks that play there and you can listen to them anytime by using the jukebox feature on your screen.


The community has its own share of very helpful people to its scamming scum. The game offers forums for use by members and F2Pers who have earned 12.5m experience total. There is also quick-chat servers where players can only talk using a quick-chat system if you wish to avoid undesirables or to just have a quieter run through the game.


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