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Speaking of stackables

The Runescape Banking system can do a lot more than just hold your items. However, because you are only allowed 28 slots for items, the bank offers some extra space for your items. This can come in handy if you want to keep some valuable items. If you die, you will only be able to keep three of your best items on you at the time, unless you have the prayer that allows you to keep one extra item. Even if you do keep one extra, that’s still only 4 out of 28. When you bank your items, you protect them from being lost.


You can also store up items that are not normally stackable. For example, if you mine 28 rune essences(rs gold), then you bank them, they are not going to take up 28 slots in the bank, instead they will take up one slot and stack up. Any item can be stacked in the bank, from Bronze Bars to Dragon Long Swords. This is good because Free to Play members do not have hundreds of slots like the Pay to Play members do. Free to Play does not have nearly as many items though, so they do not need all that space.

Speaking of stackables, you can also withdraw items in “runescape gold” form. This allows your non-stackable items to stack up in your inventory as notes. This is helpful when selling mass quantities of items. Instead of having to make loads of trips to the Grand Exchange, you can make one with all your items noted. If you buy items and they are noted, you can put them into the bank, and withdraw them again (without the noted symbol checked), and you will have the actual items. Noted Items are a great addition to the Runescape Banks, and they help so much with buying and selling.You can buy runescape.

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