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Summoning Familiars in Runescape

Since the release of summoning, and therefore summoning familiars, they have been utilised in a variety of ways. Below are a list of familiars which, we believe, can be beneficial to your runecrafting exploits: Beasts of Burden. As their name suggests, these familiars can be used to carry extra supplies for you. However, only a select few can efficiently be used for runecrafting, since only a few can be used to store essence. They are:

Level(runescape gold ) 54- Abyssal Parasite. (30 min)- Can hold up to 7 essence. Also provides a slowed-down prayer drain if using the abyss. Level 62- Abyssal Lurker (41 min)- Can hold up to 7 essence. 'Abyssal Stealth' scroll also provides a 4-point boost in agility and thieving. Level 93- Abyssal Titan (32 min) - Can hold up to 7 essence. As you may be able to tell, it is not worth it to use the abyssal titan. We mean, level 93 summoning required and it only lasts 32 minutes. The parasite or lurker, depending on your level, is the way for you if you wish to use a beast of burden.

Right-click familiars: There are some familiars that have a right-click special, and some can be used to improve your runecrafting experience. Below are a list of those that we feel are most beneficial to you: Level(rs gold ) 40- Bull Ant (30 min) - 'Unburden' scroll will restore some of your run energy. Level 52- Spirit Terrorbird (36 min) - 'Tireless Run' scroll will restore some of your run energy. Also provides a 2-point agility boost. Level 57- Spirit Graahk (49 min) - Can teleport you to the graahk hunting area for Nature crafting.

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