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The Guide for How to Farming in Runescape

Welcome to Mmook. We got the information in other site for Runescape players, hope it can help you more or less.

Farming is a deeper skill than it first appears. How, where, and what to Farm for fast Xp or money is not the main focus, but you can save a good deal of money(Runescape Gold) and have a better time by Farming the DIY way.

There are several ways to get seeds yourself. By far the best way is just thieving Master Farmers in Draynor Village. You can also get some from Nature Imps and monster drops Herb seeds mostly. A Good one is Moss Giants.Bird's Nests, Nature Imps and Vinesweeper are the only ways to get tree seeds. Trading Giant Mole Claws and Skins will get you Bird's Nests, that can give all kinds of seeds, and the Kingdom Management Minigame can produce up to 70 Bird's Nests a week.

If you are looking to make more money(Runescape Money) by selling the crops than the seeds, then plant your Marigold, Limpwurt, Sweetcorn, Toadflax, Ranarr, and Snapdragon seeds. In fact, all Herb seeds are profitable because the seeds are just so cheap! Also, any Supercompost worthy bush will net a profit as well as nice Xp, and Cactus spines are one special seed worth more farmed than sold.

This is a given, but the most important thing you will do while Farming is to complete Fairy Tale Part1 and get the Magic Secateurs. This handy tool increases all of your yields by 10% when equipped, which may only be one or two per lot, but it's also a free 100 whatever per 1000 that you pick!

Next is the Super Compost. There are several ways to do this the DIY way. Arhein in Catherby sells 40 pineapples per day at 2gp each which will make Super Compost. Jangerberry bushes and Watermelons are excellent crops to throw in the Bin. The compost mound familiar can fill your bin up instantly, even with a 15% chance of supercompost. Even if you get regular compost, compost potions can be obtained either from the Vinesweeper Minigame or from Zombies in Tarn's lair. They will take your normal compost and make it more.

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