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The Melee Weapons of Runescape

Dear players, glad to see you in Mmook. Here our site has collected some information about the melee weapons of Runescape, it may drive your attention and help you some. First time fighters will have level one attack. This is the only skill required for wielding weapons, but people try to raise their strength, or they will only hit low amounts of damage.

At level one attack you can wield only bronze and iron weapons. Both are very inexpensive, but at the same time are not very good weapons. At level five attack, you will find you can now wield some stronger steel weapons. These are still quite inexpensive. At level 10 attack, the black weapons are opened up to you. These are the first of two metal weapons that can not be made using the smithing skill. While inexpensive, they are harder to find as few stores sell black items(Runescape money).

At level 20 you can use the mithril weapons! These are sometimes the last type of weapon in a store, but some will not stop here. Still not expensive, but they are not cheap either for beginning players. At level 30 you can use adamant swords and the like. Addy weapons are more expensive for some players and are the last free member (F2P) weapons sold in normal stores.

Once you have reach level 40 attack and can use the best Runescape free to play weapons- Rune! Rune weapons are quite expensive and there is only one shop that sells them in free member, the champions guild which is south-west of Varrock. They can also be bought from other players and be smithed by high level smithers. The best weapon in Runescape for free members is Rune scimitars. These scimitars are fast and accurate yet still relatively powerful.

Some people also prefer two-handers– this weapon that cannot be used with a shield as they require two hand to wield so they leave you slightly more prone to damage and they are fairly inaccurate yet they make up for all this by packing a big punch. Other people often like to opt for the battle axe. These weapons are stronger but slower than the scimitar, yet and are faster but weaker than the two-hander. They can also be used with a shield

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