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Thunder shock

Strategies/Tips: I would use it sparingly in PvE (make sure you have enough fury leftover for Winged Shell in case). Either early in combos (after charged if you use it), or after Knockback Arrow. Don't be stupid and use frost arrow immediately after colligation. In PvP, it typically is used against runners (esp retreating mage Venomancer who depend on pets). Just make sure you move in slightly so that when they run, and your colligation is casting, they don't move out of range and cancel out your move!

Thunder shock ?C Second metal damage skill move that lowers the metal defense of the target(runescape gold). The special effect helps out other lightning skills so that they do even more damage. The longer cast time however makes it not too perfect for PvP since BM/BAR could run you down, but if time allows, it helps out lightning strike nicely. Besides PvP, thundershock isn't really worth using unless fighting against defense enhanced monsters (most players avoid anyways).

Leveling Route: Keep at level 1, then max it out at levels 7x/8x when you have extra sp.

Strategies/Tips: To take advantage of the metal damage boost, when fighting wood monsters, lightning strike + thundershock can be a devastating combo. If time permits, thundershock before any lightning strike is good as it makes lightning strike more worthwhile. If partying with an Cleric, thundershock + your lightning strike + their thunder wield can be pretty impressive on an unsuspecting rs gold/BAR.

Bow/Arbalest Mastery ?C Passive skill that slowly increases your damage by adding equipment attack bonuses. It's common sense to level this as well. More damage = archer's other best friend.

Leveling Route: Max it as early as possible.You can buy runescape.


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