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Tips on Training in Runescape

Hello everybody! This is Mmook. Well, here are some tips on training in Runescape. Just go through and have fun in the game!

Level 1-25

This will probably be the most boring part of your Agility training, so be sure not to train it all in one day and then get sick of the skill. It sounds really tedious, but you

have to do the Gnome Stronghold course 91 times to reach 25 Agility. If you do get bored, you can always have a match of Gnomeball.

If both of these things bore you, take a break and try some shortcuts, which will raise your Agility by a few exp. I suggest the Rope Swing at Brimhaven or the Stepping Stones

at Karamja. Once you reach 25, give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate your awesome Agility level by thrashing Gnomes at a game of Gnomeball.

Level 25-35

If you haven't already, do the Creature of Fenkenstrain Quest, in order to obtain the Ring of Charos. Go south from the finish of the Quest, and you'll find a trapdoor guarded

by a Werewolf. Wield your Ring of Charos and go down the trapdoor. Head to the werewolf close to the red arrows and have a little chat.

Depending on your time doing this course, you'll receive a certain amount of experience. A way to keep this fun is to try to beat your previous score. The Gnome Stronghold

Course is also a good option for these levels, as it is pretty fast per lap and looks like a much more pleasant environment! Before you know it, you'll be 35 agility!

Level 35-40

The Barbarian Outpost is the best place to go for these levels, and should be used until level 45 or so. This gives you a few more levels that will help you stay safe in the

Agility Arena.

Level 40-52

You can now do all of the Brimhaven Arena obstacles, so head there for a nice chat with some other Agility fans and some wicked experience. The best part of this Arena is that

the obstacles give you experience, and so do the tickets that you can trade in. Bring some food, as you will probably need it. Avoid darts at all costs unless you have an

agility potion, because on failing they will lower your Agility level, and if it drops below 40 you will have a hard time doing the Arena. If you get bored, cash in your tickets

and do some Tai Bwo Wannai Cleanup.

Once you reach level 48 and have completed the Monkey Madness quest, you have the option of using the Ape Atoll agility course. At higher levels, you can earn fast experience,

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