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According to the White House source, this infamous meeting led to President Bush creating his prized combat level 67 range staker from which he claims to won a green party hat and over seven million gp (Runescape currency). This staker is more of a hybrid (some mage levels in addition to range levels in order to increase his hitpoints along with a bit of defense, but still without prayer) ranger than a pure ranger and the President has excelled in setting up the stakes and rules in the Dueling Arena to his advantage.

Avant News created an account on Runescape in order to catch up with President Bush on his hybrid range staker account, Leg0Las666, in game. He refused to add me to his "Friends List" until I traded him a D Scimmy (Dragon Scimitar) and 2k lobbies (2,000 runescape gold).

The theme of each floor and features an array of entertainment guaranteed to satisfy even the most enthusiastic fans in RuneScape. Have more new features than you can in the wave of the bronze dagger, and some of last year's favorites: Gold dwarf insider meetings and film award. Gaming area, but also come back bigger and better than before the activities of praise, gifts, more opportunities and play a team in RuneScape killed. This year, we have come some very special participants of all RuneFest all the contents of the site.You can buy runescape.

If all that were not enough, there through Halloween Party! Inspired by last year's late-night shenanigans, we adhere to the party after the feature mix of exclusive evening entertainment between games, ghouls live band, DJ and a special one-off society.

With the race exciting activities and expanding schedule, you'll need to keep your ears www.viprunescape.com on the ground, your eyes can tell the latest date. You also can sign up for email updates, so that all the RuneFest messages sent directly to your inbox!

RuneFest 2011, 29 years will take over the Saturday and Sunday, 30 October 2011 Old Billingsgate in central London, England weekend. Tickets on sale June 27, 2011 Monday, 59 pounds a day later, weekend £ 99rs gold.


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