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make a lot of runescape gold

Hopefully this thread of Runescape will help to shed light to those questions. We are looking to accurately find out the Drop Rates of all the items(Runescape Gold) from each Clue Scroll. Not only that though, we are also going to attempt to find the Drop Rates of the Clue Scrolls themselves from various Monsters.

It’s a tough task to perform, but with the help of friends and us, we are determined to get it all done. We will be using some statistical methods to help out in actually getting some results from the Raw Data that we receive. It might be a while before the results are usable, but hopefully you will appreciate the effort put into this thread(runescape gold).

The first is basically being active, both on the thread (not posting Clues, but bumping and helping). Too many people post once on a thread saying that they are willing to help, but then they never post again. We need to know you are not one of those people. Taking part in other threads is also a great way for me to get to know you. Almost everyone that’s helping so far has been involved with our older threads.

Demonstrating a good understanding of Clue Scrolls, and what we are trying to accomplish here is also a good indicator of how much we will trust you(rs gold). If you’re familiar with statistics you will know how important it is to report everything, so we would like to trust you to do so.

Also, posting your data is fine too. It wont be used, but it will help to gauge how devoted to reporting everything you are. Devotion is a must to to a thread like this, We dont mean in the sense that you should immerse yourself in Clues and this thread. We just mean you have to be vigilante in reporting every Clue. Obviously you don't need to follow these steps. You can do whatever you think will help gain(Runescape Money) trust.You can  buy runescape.


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