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Runescape thieving guide

Hello,guys.This is Thepowerlevel.Here we will introduce some guides about farming.
They are just a few helpful tips to aid your farming.So read the following information and learn useful information.


Use your kingdom (Miscellania) for very cheap tree seeds! Just make sure your at 100% and have 750k to 5m invested in it, and you have all your workers on maples. You will get 2-5 tree seeds a day.

¤ Keep track of when you planted, this will allow you to get more farming runs in each day.

¤ USE SUPERCOMPOST! Never use normal compost. The exception to this is with Trees/Fruit Trees, This is because you will be paying farmers to watch your crops, so they CAN'T die.

¤ Use Super Energies

¤ Plant herbs! Even if your not training farming much. Planting herbs for profit (runescape gold) is great FREE and EASY money.

¤ Pay farmers to watch crops your not willing to let die.

¤ Make sure your farming the most effectively (this does not mean buying ALL high level tree seeds, there are plenty of cheap alternatives to add on to your farming runs)

¤ If you don't like my Farming run, create your own, or keep mixing them up to keep yourself interested


Run out of baskets of oranges to pay the farmers? Cant find any in the GE(rs gold)?

¤ The Gnome shop, on the 2nd floor of the Grand Tree stocks 10 oranges at a time, just bring 17 baskets with you, some money and buy away. after they're sold out, hop worlds and repeat This is also true for apples

¤ Find a friend to farm with you, and I don't mean drag someone you already know into farming (they may not want to ) I mean find people at the farming patches, and make friends with them. Staying in one world will make it easier, you'll see the same people over and over again.
Keep track of how other people are doing, it will keep you motivated.You can buy runescape.


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