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The Guide for Crafting in Runescape

If you are the average player(Runescape Gold) who is looking at someone with a high level of crafting, you probably want to know how much it cost to get here. Using the DIY way it does not cost a single gp. In fact, it is possible to make of millions of GP getting high levels of Crafting. There are really only four things to craft: Jewellery, Range armour, Glass, and battlestaves. The big deal is how to get the materials yourself.

For Jewellery, you will need gems, gold( runescape gold), and Cosmics if you decide to enchant which we highly recommend. The best ways to collect gold is explained in the Mining section. For gems, you will want to check out both the Thieving and Mining sections. When crafting the jewellery, use one of the furnaces in the Smithing section: Al Kharid, Port Phasmatys, Edgeville or Neitiznot.

Sapphire bracelets are a good thing to make, then just alch them, saving a few for clay mining for tele tabs, and saving a few sapphires for games necklaces. Duel rings are the only useful Emmy item unless you are an avid CW fan. Turning rubies into forge rings, which get used to make iron knives/darts by the thousands. Diamond is really your call.

Forinthry braces are good for endeavors that take you into the wilderness, but most rs gold players will only need a few. Phoenix Necks heal 30% if you drop below 20% health and can be used as weightless Agil food. If you want to train mage more than make money, Craft ammies and string them with Lunar Magick. One click nets up to 2241 VERY fast Xp, then alch for more.

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