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The Guide for Equipment in Runescape

Everyone knows everything about these skills already, right. There are more Fletching and WC skillcapes out there than QP capes. Never the less, if you happen to be hanging out just SW of Catherby while reading this, we would suggest you keep reading. Of course use the best Axe you can wield/afford. The major debate that rages on and on is, well, that depends really. As early as level(Runescape Gold) 70 you are beginning to max out WC speed on Willows, and certainly Oaks with either axe.

By 80 WC you will not see a great improvement on (runescape gold)Teaks either as you will essentially max out there with a Rune axe as well. Higher level(Runescape Money) trees will see anywhere from 5-15% improvement when using a D axe over rune and we would recommend buying one if you want to cut higher level trees. You will see a very small improvement with low level trees at high WC levels though, making me skeptical that it is actually worth the cash.

Also, Lumberjack gear is a great addition to any hard core Woodcutter's costume room. Only available from the Temple Trekking Minigame. We created this table for that guide and we are reproducing it here for those interested in the Ultimate WC trophy. Last but not least is the Rabbits Foot. Nests are difficult enough to get and they are a great source of tree seeds(rs gold), not to mention necessary for Sara Brews. Unless you are wearing the Nature ammy to watch crops while Woodcutting or using an ammy to teleport, there is no reason not to have this lucky charm.

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