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The Guide for Flax and BS in Runescape

For flax, Lletya has a very unpopular flax field all of 5 steps away from a bank. Unfortunately, if you have the skills to get into this area, you probably see gathering flax as well beneath you. We would have you consider this; you can easily gather and bank a full load in under a minute. If you can make money(Runescape Gold) faster than that, you are not reading our guide.

You will need to start Morning Ends Part 1 to access this field. You will need Roving Elves done to start, which implies Regicide, the Plague City Series, and Waterfall completed. Good news is that it opens up much more than just the flax fields. Elf crystals are much better than an Ectophial for quick getaways(runescape gold), and the Addy rocks and Mage trees in the Elf lands are some of the most convenient on RS.

The closest spinning wheel to a bank is actually in Neitiznot, with Lumby castle coming in an annoying second. Note that spinning the flax first allows you to fletch the bows as you cut them. Then when you finish cutting your logs, all that is left is the fun part.

Temple Trekking is also a good source of Bowstrings for the combat oriented Fletcher, and the Kingdom Management minigame can get you all of the Flax, you willever need for half the GE's price(Runescape Money). You can also pick up a few from those Impetuous Imps or even gambling away your Barbarian Assault points. Hey, every little bit helps(rs gold).

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