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The Guide for Skill and Training in Runescape

We got the guide for skill and training in Runescape from other website, hope it can help you more or less, just have a look!

This is a straightforward skill. The best thing about DIY Firemaking is that you can train in the most remote locations in RS! Of course you need a reason to train, and here are several: Shades of Mort' ton Minigame, Vyrewatch pyres, Barbarian Pyre Ships, Balloon Transportation, and the all important Total Level You will need 80 Firemaking to burn all Shades which can give all clues, runes, Rune items(runescape gold), and Fine Cloth. 11 Fine Cloth and Bark and 77k will make you some Splitbark armor and a decent chunk of Prayer and Firemaking Xp along the way. Similar rewards can be obtained from Vyrewatch, so please check it out!

Pyre ships give a 300% bonus for up to the next 5 bones you bury. They do stack, so this is helpful on Metal Dragon runs when you can not always bank the bones. To make a Pyre ship, you will need an Fm and Crafting level(Runescape Money) equal to 10 plus that logs normal burning level. You will also need "Chewed bones" which are uncommon drops from Mith Dragons, and uncommonly found by looting corpses in the Ancient Cavern. Do not expect to see many of these. You will also be rewarded with monetary gain, typically something small, but it could be the infamous Dragon Full helm.You can buy runescape.

Right up front, most of us DIY'ers do not believe that the Pyrelord is worth it. It increases the burn time too much for the minuscule 10 additional Xp/log. BoB's do not really help, so if you wish to summon use a useful forager like a Fruit bat or Macaw. Also, the Lava titan and Pyrelord will both boost your firemaking level if needed. Cut and burn what you have to until you get to Teak (rs gold). From here on out it is Teak and Mahogany trees, which in our opinion are the absolute best way to chop and burn. Use Teak until about 80 WC, and Mahogany all the way to 99. These trees respawn very fast and on a full server one tree is enough for anyone.


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